STILL Coming of Age

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THE BOOK - "STILL Coming of Age"

Conventional wisdom tells us “Coming of age” milestones take place in our teens and twenties. We don’t think of adults as still “coming of age.” After a certain point, we’re supposed to be done, and to be the models of experience and credibility. I came to realize, however, that I have experienced more "coming of age" milestones in my 50’s than I ever did in my teens and twenties. But for some reason, it has been tougher to recognize and reap the benefits from them.Like maintaining our health through eating right and exercise, personal growth involves effort, exertion, discomfort, and sometimes pushing yourself beyond previous boundaries.“Still Coming of Age” is a collection of stories, mistakes, wake-up calls, and lessons learned to help recognize and reap the benefits of these on-going coming of age milestones. The writing is currently a work in progress. If you are interested in periodic unobtrusive updates, please click on the envelope above and send me a note.


"Still Coming of Age" was born at the intersection of (a) a 30+ year career focused on human and team dynamics, (b) a fascination with compassion and mindfulness, (c) volunteer activities in support of individuals struggling against a myriad of adversity, (d) a personal mental health diagnosis which has yield both sizable challenges as well as unique strengths, and (e) more than my share of mistakes.I currently serve as Senior Director of Organizational Effectiveness at Adobe. What that means is that I serve as executive coach and facilitator for executives and leadership teams across the company. My 30+ year career in Human Resources has also included leadership roles in Talent Acquisition, Business Partnering, Talent Development, Employee & Labor Relations, and Performance Management.Besides my Santa Clara University degree in Psychology, I also have certifications in Applied Compassion and Mindfulness from Stanford University, Sounds True and Wisdom 2.0’s Inner MBA and the Institute for Organizational Science and Mindfulness. I am also a periodic assistant lecturer on the faculty of Haas School of Business at Berkeley.Outside of Adobe, I serve on the boards of Project HIRED, an advocacy organization for individuals with disabilities, and Community Solutions, which supports children, families, and individuals to overcome the challenges posed by mental health issues, substance abuse, trauma, severe family dysfunction, sexual and domestic violence, and human trafficking. I also participate in retreat, music, and prison ministry for the “men in blue” of Salinas Valley State Prison.Most importantly, my patient wife, Irene and I have been married for 32 years and we have two wonderful and talented sons, Josh and Jeremy.